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Brandon group receives Tesco cheque

Published: Saturday 27th May 2017 at 12:30

Brandon group receives Tesco cheque

Brighter Brandon has been presented with a cheque from Tesco Brandon following their fundraising efforts for the Brandon in Bloom projects.

A total of £350 has been raised by Tesco Brandon through two fundraising events. £90 was raised at their Glade School bingo with the remaining £260 being raised through staff members' continuous cycling at the front of the store.

Terry Hawkins, founder of Brighter Brandon, said "We would like to thank Tesco Brandon for choosing to fundraise for Brandon in Bloom this year. The money will ensure the group can continue with their efforts to improve the town."

Brighter Brandon is also campaigning in the bags of help initiative in the Tesco Brandon store which could see them awarded up to £4,000.

If you would like to see Brandon in Bloom plant bulbs around the town, one for each resident, be sure to pop your token into the Brighter Brandon box after your shop.

Photographed, left to right, is Gary Brocklehurst (Brighter Brandon), Aileen Ferguson (Brandon in Bloom), Cllr Victor Lukaniuk (Brandon in Bloom), Lianne Spooner (Tesco Brandon) and Terry Hawkins (Brighter Brandon).

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