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Flint panels set to return to town

Published: Saturday 8th July 2017 at 20:00

Flint panels set to return to town

Flint panels that were located in the wall of the old library in Brandon are set to make a return to the town and go on display at Brandon Heritage Centre.

These panels have been stored at Suffolk County Council's archaeology HQ in Bury St Edmunds since being removed from the old library and were tracked down by Cllr Victor Lukaniuk a few weeks ago.

Cllr Lukaniuk and Heritage Centre manager Darren Norton took a trip to Bury St Edmunds, along with Nick Dickson from Breaking New Ground, to see the panels and to discuss the process of displaying them.

Brandon Heritage Centre will now need to draw up proposals on how they will be displayed and stored so that Suffolk County Council can release them back to Brandon.


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