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Bryan Cranston visits RAF Lakenheath

Published: Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 12:30

Bryan Cranston visits RAF Lakenheath

Hollywood actor Bryan Cranston, best known for portraying Walter White in Breaking Bad, visited RAF Lakenheath on Saturday 29th July as part of his USO tour of Europe.

The USO is a private organization with centers all over the world that provides services to military members at home and abroad.

"It's been an illuminating experience for me," said Cranston. "I've always been very proud of the service of the military men and women, but we don’t have too much of an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas. I wanted to convey the sentiment that I feel and that most of the people of the United States feel, and that is an appreciation for the service they've given, the sacrifice that they give and the amount of hours they put in, it’s really remarkable and appreciated."

Cranston visited airmen assigned to the 48th Security Forces Squadron, where he participated in demonstrations with military working dogs, sobriety tests and a capabilities brief on the weapons used by Security Forces Airmen of the Liberty Wing on a daily basis.

"It was fun, mostly just to break up the rank, and just get in among them and talk to them about just life" he said. "It's been a great time. Especially for me, to be able to not talk about myself, but to ask questions. It helps me, it makes me feel good that I can be on the same level with these guys."

Cranston had a chance to eat dinner with airmen at the dining facility prior to discussing his memoir, titled "A Life in Parts," during an event hosted by the USO. Liberty Wing Airmen and their families were provided the opportunity to interact and take photos with Cranston afterward.

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