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Festival day to celebrate Brandon

Published: Saturday 9th September 2017 at 19:00

Festival day to celebrate Brandon

Brandon's past, present and future is to be celebrated with activities and performances at the Fire & Flint festival day which will be taking place on Saturday 23rd September.

The event will take place on Market Hill between 3pm and 8.30pm, where you will be able to:

  • Have a go at a range of heritage crafts and see the experts at work
  • Watch flashmob performances around the town
  • Make your own natural lantern and join the evening lantern parade
  • Get involved with storytelling and history trails
  • See bodypaint artists in action
  • Listen to local musicians
  • Enjoy Fire & Flint themed food and drink
  • Add your suggestions to Wysing Arts New Geographies project and take part in their workshop
  • Find out more about light mapping and have a chance to take the controls for the projection
  • Watch the grand finale Fire & Flint light animation show projected onto the town hall

CPP Marketplace will be collaborating with Shoestring Theatre Company, Snail Tails, the Suffolk Poetry Society, Brandon Arts Society, Face-It Face Painting and Brandon Country Park to put on the event.

Brandon Library will also be getting involved with storytelling sessions and Dan Shorten of Anomic Multimedia is producing the light projection show for Market Hill as creative producer for the event.

The festival day is inspired by local history and the evolution of the town. Celebrate the past, present, and future, and explore Brandon in a new light.

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