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Memorial to Poles is unveiled

Published: Sunday 24th September 2017 at 19:15

Memorial to Poles is unveiled

Over 350 people turned up to Brandon cemetery on Sunday 24th September to see the memorial to Polish servicemen and their families be unveiled.

Visitors and representatives from across the country were joined by local residents at the ceremony, which saw the sun shine throughout.

Guests included the Vice Consul to the Polish Embassy in London, representatives from Forest Heath District, Suffolk County and Brandon Town Councils along with Reverend Sharron Coburn and Polish priest Marek Zajac who carried out services.

Prior to the memorial unveiling three Polish women, who were survivors of the Siberian Gulags, were each presented with a red and white bouquet as a mark of respect.

Councillor Victor Lukaniuk, who organised the memorial and the unveiling ceremony, introduced the event before the first service took place in English.

The vice consul to the Polish Embassy said a few words as he unveiled the memorial to the crowds and the second service, carried out in Polish, continued immediately after.

Victor said: "We were blessed with fine weather which always helps for an outdoor service.

"It was a great demonstration of community integration and when the Poles saw the Polish flag on St Peter's Church they were deeply moved and saw this as an extremely compassionate gesture from the people of Brandon."

Photo shows Victor Lukaniuk (right) along with Radoslaw Gromski (left), Vice Consul to the Polish Embassy in London.

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