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Brandon celebrates fire and flint

Published: Tuesday 26th September 2017 at 14:00

Brandon celebrates fire and flint

On Saturday 23rd September the Fire & Flint festival day, organised by Market Place, was held on Market Hill in Brandon. An event to celebrate Brandon's fantastic history.

During the day festival goers were entertained with surprise theatrical flashmob performances from Shoestring Theatre Company and local residents who joined their workshops, the Great Baldini's fire eating and juggling performances, storywalks around town with Dave Tonge and poetry readings from those who took part in the Suffolk Poetry Society's creative writing sessions.

Stall holders provided a range of interactive activities... Wysing Arts Centre New Geographies project artist Kate Munro was there to help people creatively add to the map whilst Mike Willet’s beautiful handmade instruments Face It Face Painting drew the crowds. The Brandon History Society's interactive history map was a hit with audiences and festival goers young and old got involved with the local arts group stone painting and handbuilding pots.

Local school students and children who joined in our lantern making during the day turned up in force to show off their creative lanterns with the lantern parade culminating on Market Hill in a wonderful display. 

Having enjoyed beautiful weather all day the sun went down on cue in time for the evening entertainment, kicked off with Face It's body paint models performance.

The festival finale was the real highlight of the day as a digital mapping show projected onto the Town Hall awed everyone who watched. Dan Shorten of Anomic Multimedia had been working with local residents to collect stories and learn about the history of Brandon, which he transformed into a spectacular show.

Ali Atkins, Creative Agent for Forest Heath and Event Manager for Fire & Flint, said "This was an exceptional event. I'm so proud of the commitment and enthusiasm of the Brandon Creative Forum members who helped plan and deliver this over many months.

"It's been a real pleasure to work with and in the community of Brandon, this event could not have been pulled off without everyone coming together as they have. There was a wonderful atmosphere and great buzz all day.

"It's exciting to see families in Brandon participate in arts activities and for local residents to really embrace this event as their own."


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