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Brandon's unsung heroes awarded

Published: Saturday 21st April 2018 at 09:30

Brandon's unsung heroes awarded

Brandon's unsung heroes have been awarded at the Best of Brandon community awards evening which took place yesterday.

The awards, which were held at Brandon Leisure Centre on Friday 20th April, aim to recognise those that have made a significant contribution to the town over the last year.

Nominees were invited to attend with their guests, along with other members of the public, for an evening that included a buffet, disco and award presentations.

Cllr Victor Lukaniuk introduced the evening as the event got underway at 7.30pm before the awards were presented.

The full list of award winners are:

Shortlist: ANGELS, Brandon in Bloom, Brandon Seniors Club
Winner: Brandon in Bloom

Young Volunteer...
Shortlist: Alfie Keeley, Jasmine Dubery, Lucas Kent
Winner: Alfie Keeley

Shortlist: Chilterns, Hare Salon, Mark's Greengrocers
Winner: Mark's Greengrocers

Shortlist: Darren Norton, Kate Curtis, Loraine Skikunas
Winner: Loraine Skikunas

Shortlist: Jill Blanchard, John Maxim, Mark Skinner
Winner: Mark Skinner

Organisers would like to thank Cllr Peter Callaghan, Yannis Prodromou, FHDC Vice Chairman Cllr Brian Harvey and Carly Wharf for presenting the awards, Cllr Victor Lukaniuk for introducing the evening and also Abbeycroft Leisure who allowed free use of Brandon Leisure Centre.

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