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Maasai warriors to perform in Brandon

Published: Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 11:30

Maasai warriors to perform in Brandon

The Maasai Warriors will be performing in Brandon, at St Peter's Church on Church Road, on the evening of Wednesday 3rd October at 7.30pm.

The Osiligi Maasai Warrior Troupe will have been performing in the UK since 2003 and continue with their annual UK tours in over 20 UK counties.

Visits are made to major cathedrals (re-visiting Ely on Sunday 7th October), theatres, churches and Schools, leaving audiences blown away by their exhilarating and enthusiastic performances.

Entry is free with a retiring collection.

The troupe live in an area near Kiserian, some 30 miles from Nairobi, in Kenya. The Maasai used to be a major force in Kenyan life, and followed a nomadic lifestyle. However, in recent years, the government has given a plot of land to each member of their community,  to stop them wandering, often on to game reserves.

The Maasai numbers have dwindled in recent years and they now form less than 2% of the population. Thus the tours help their community to preserve their culture.

The effects of the tours, and the charity that stemmed from them, on the families in the Troupe's community, some 30 miles South of Nairobi, have been amazing.

In 2002 they were destitute with no facilities. Now they have fresh water, a new church & community centre, a beautiful new junior school, a new clinic and, most recently, a new orphanage.

"Osiligi" means "hope" in the Maasai language and, over the years of this exercise, that is exactly what the Troupe's community have been given.

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