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Thetford forest sees segway after dark

Published: Friday 19th October 2018 at 13:00

Thetford forest sees segway after dark

Thrill seekers can now up the ante with a limited time night Segway adventure exclusive to four Go Ape locations this Autumn.

For those looking for a unique blood-pumping experience, look no further than Forest Segway at night.  Gather your friends together and head out into the depths of the forest for this unique event.

The eerie experiences are happening throughout October and November. Choose from a number of Night Segway Adventures at Thetford Forest in Suffolk, Delamere Forest in Cheshire, Bracknell Forest in Berkshire and Moors Valley near Bournemouth.

The thrill and rush of the Segway is heightened as you manage your way through the maze of the forest in the night sky. The heart-racing sessions begin after dark, the experience involves a brief and training session, before heading out on the heavy duty all-terrain Segways. Navigate your way through the forest alongside your friends with only a head torch and the night sky for light. The experience lasts an hour and the darkness will add a completely new dimension to the adventure as you see the forest truly coming alive at night – keep an eye out for the local wildlife!

Let your imagination run wild as you glide through the forest on this unforgettable Go Ape adventure. 

Thetford Forest has long been a staple of outdoor adventure, attracting visitors from all over the UK. The forest is complete with an abundance of wildlife and an army of pine trees. The Segway course has four independent routes to offer, allowing customers to get to choose which dark route they want to explore.

Choose from a number of After Hours Adventures happening at Go Ape across the UK this Autumn – Head to for more information and dates.

Thetford Forest, Suffolk (£35 - sessions from 5pm)

  • 26th October 
  • 27th October 
  • 28th October
  • 3rd November
  • 4th November
  • 10th November
  • 11th November

To book please call the Go Ape booking centre on 01603 895500.

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