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Open gardens raise £1000 for charity

Published: Thursday 13th June 2019 at 17:30

Open gardens raise £1000 for charity

Brandon in Bloom's first ever Brandon Open Gardens, which took place on Sunday 9th June, has raised over £1,000 for charity.

The volunteer-led group organised the event to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice care.

Rachel Sobiechowski, Brandon in Bloom's horticultural advisor and secretary, said "Bringing the community together through horticulture is an important aspect for any in bloom group.

"I'm delighted that the stunning gardens on view to the public were so well received and that so much money has been raised for such a worthwhile charity. St Nicholas Hospice Care is a wonderful asset to our community."

"Our thanks to all of the open garden participants, who put such a lot of effort into ensuring their gardens where immaculate in such awful weather prior to the event."

Sue Dean, who opened up her garden on Bury Road, added "It was a wonderful day and a pleasure to meet so many interesting people. It made all the hours spent in the garden worthwhile."

Joan Dawes, from the centenarian's garden on Oaklands Drive, said "Brandon Open Gardens ticked all the boxes for us this year!

"Some positive mild pressure to meet the date, a good looking garden set for summer, plenty of admiring and complimentary visitors ready to chat to our happy centenarian who enjoyed every minute of the day, and we helped raise money for a very worthwhile cause."

Another entrant of the day, Dawn Ling, told us "I was a little apprehensive after I made the decision to open my garden for Brandon in Bloom. Thinking no one would come to view my garden or too many would come. 

"After a day of rain on the Saturday the weather was lovely and sunny. The people that came were all like minded and enjoyed the garden. I also decided to make cakes teas and coffee.

"It was truly a lovely day, I would say to anyone thinking of opening your garden next year is to do it. A big thank you to all that came to see our garden it was nice to share it with you."

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